Authentic Kosher
Shofars from Israel

Our shofars are 100% authentic and kosher. They are manufactured under the supervision of the Rabbinate who checks every single shofar to deem them "Kosher" is quickly becoming the preferred marketplace
to buy high quality Kosher Shofars.

Each handmade Shofar we sale, is lovingly made with family traditions that date back
8 centuries to the 1400's in Spain; the craftsmanship is simply breathtaking!

To hear the sound of the shofar is a “mitzvah”, a command given by God to the Jewish people. Whether you're celebrating the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), also known as Yom Teruah (Day of Blowing or the Feasts of Trumpets), our affordable high quality shofars will surpass all your expectations. Other celebrations such as Hanukkah and weddings also explode with excitement when the blast of the shofar cuts through the air! All of our shofars and prayer shawls are manufactured and shipped directly from Israel. We believe this adds deeper meaning to your purchase as well as supporting the Jewish artisans. Our manufacturers are giving you a limited 100% satisfaction guarantee, simply put; if you're not satisfied, they're not satisfied! has a beautiful selection of unique shofars to choose from. The quality and craftsmanship in each shofar we sale is unsurpassed producing extremely clear tones. We primarily sell the traditional Rams Horn Shofar from Israel and the Yemenite Shofar (Kudu Shofar) from Africa’s Kudu antelope. The Oryx Shofar isn't as common but still very beautiful and easy to blow! Another unique item we offer is our “Anointing Oil” Ram’s Horn used as a vessel to contain anointing oil; reminiscent of the days of Samuel and David yet still functional today. Because of the unique relationship we have with our manufacturer our low shofar prices are very hard to match. We believe our shofar horns are the best quality available without question! If your looking for shofars for sale, we have only the finest.

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Shofar Guarantee

When you buy a shofar from we include a limited 100% money back guarantee.
We stand behind our products! If you don't love your shofar simply ship it back within 45 days
with proof of purchase for a full refund.

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