How To Blow A Shofar

To master the art of coxing music from the shofar comes with practice. Some are naturally gifted and some are not however if you’ve ever blown a trumpet or something similar you’ll be a pro before you know it!

How To Blow A Shofar 

Moisten your lips and blow!

Step 1. Be sure your lips are moist and position the mouthpiece at the right corner of your lips. Take a deep breath, tighten your lips and force the air into your mouthpiece allowing your lips to vibrate.

The tighter your lips vibrate the higher the tone will be generated.

Step 2. Your lips are a muscle and they need to conditioned, have patients! Practice by blowing against the back of your hand!

Conditioning your lips and practice are the keys to mastering the sounds of the shofar!

The 4 Primary Sounds Of The Shofar

Tekiah - one long sustained blast! The sound of the Tekiah was a reassuring sound signifying the watchmen were on the wall and all was well, also used to divide the day and night watches).

Shevarim – three short blasts – A significant event happening, announcing the arrival a King or a person of importance, also the changing of the guards, a call to assembly to hear “welcoming news”.

Ter’ah – nine short staccato blasts – The Ter'ah is referenced to “The feasts of Trumpets” or Yom Terruah in the bible!  To awaken the soul – an alarm or alert, under attack, a call to draw together immediately for battle! Rosh Hashanah or (Yom Kipper) is the day of alarm to focus on spiritual issues: God’s holiness and preparation for God’s atonement!

Tekiah ha-Gadol – a long drawn out blast, 10 seconds or more (typically sounded at the end of Rosh Hashanah)

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