The Sounds Of A Shofar

These sounds or calls are made with the Shofar for Jewish ritual use:

T'key-ah - A long blast beginning in musical mid-range and finishing as a high note.

Shvarim - Three staccato blasts. The duration of all three together is the length of a T'key-ah.

True-ah - A long ululating "wailing" sound. There are two main variants of the True-ah. One tradition uses nine separate short calls, in rapid sequence. The other is a single long call with nine wavering ululations.

T'key-ah Gdolah (Big Long T'key-ah) - is a T'key-ah that you continue as long as you can. It comes at the end of the series of calls. T'key-ah Gdolah is usually the last Shofar call. It is a very long blast, used usually to announce the end of the holy day of Yom Kippur.

Some Shofar blowers can hold a T'key-ah Gdolah for a minute or more. This dramatic call is the mark of a good Tokeiah (expert blower) and requires a lot of practice to develop your wind.

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