Anointing Oil

The history of the shofar and anointing oil ram’s horn dates back to biblical times. These authentic anointing oil horns are handcrafted along with our shofars by a small factory in South Tel Aviv, Israel. They are expertly made by skilled craftsmen from a natural ram’s horn and then sterling silver plated. They’re sealed on one end with a strap attached for holding it.
In the Bible, God instructs Samuel to anoint David, his newly chosen King of Israel, by first filling an animal horn with the anointing oil (the word “horn” comes from the Hebrew word qeren). God had rejected King Saul as Israel’s ruler, but since he was still the recognized ruler, Samuel was fearful of anointing him. God told him to use the horn filled with anointing oil and say that he was offering a holy sacrifice. In this way, he would secretly and discreetly anoint God’s chosen king (Samuel 16.1-13, New International Version). Each of these beautiful ram’s horn anointing oil vessels are as unique as the animal it originated from. They are inspired from scripture, yet they are still very much functional when used in modern ceremonies. Our anointing oil horns and shofars are highly affordable and of unsurpassed quality. 

They are entirely handmade using the same techniques passed down from generation to generation, dating back to 15th century Spain. These shofars are 100% authentic and certified Kosher by the Rabbinate, who supervise their manufacture and check every shofar before making this certification.

It is not only in Jewish history that the ram’s horn has special significance. The ram has been a potent symbol, associated with various gods and found in many religions of the world, from ancient Egypt and Greece to India, Rome and the Middle East. The meaning is common throughout, as the ram symbolizes strength, leadership, action, determination and authority.

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