Painted Kudu
(Yemenite) Shofars

 For the Jewish people, the sound of the shofar is a reminder of the mitzvah (which, in Hebrew, means “commandment”) — that is, God’s commandments to his faithful followers. It is frequently mentioned in Hebrew scripture, the Talmud and rabbinic literary works. Though the shofar is always made from an animal horn, the type of animal used and the style of the shofar differs according to region. The Jews in Yemen historically used what is known as the Yemenite Shofar (or Kudu Shofar), crafted from African Kudu antelope horns, rather than the more common ram’s horn. At, your best source for the finest quality 100% natural, kosher shofars, you can find delicately hand-painted Kudu shofars.
These hand-carved and individually painted Kudu shofars are unique, with no two exactly alike. They’re precisely constructed with techniques passed down through generations of family craftsmen, at a small factory located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Whether it’s for display or for ceremonial use, these shofars are the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. They’re decorated with designs that have strong symbolic meaning in Jewish history and culture. Fish in Judaism symbolize fertility. The Sephardic Jews use depictions of fish in their homes to ward off the “evil eye” (in the Talmud, it is said that fish, since they live underwater, are resistant from this type of curse).
Pomegranates in Jewish tradition symbolize abundance and righteousness, while birds are seen throughout ancient religious texts, such as the peace, purity, love, hope and faithfulness of the dove. Other powerful Jewish symbols that you’ll see on our beautifully painted Kudu shofars include the Star of David, the modern symbol of Jewish identity; the menorah, the vine and the buildings of holy Jerusalem. These important symbols in Jewish culture give these handmade shofars even deeper meaning, bringing the joyous spirit of ancient practices into the present day.

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