Painted Ram

 One of the world’s earliest musical instruments, shofars tell the story of the Jewish people, bringing the teachings of Jewish scripture into the present day. Shofars are mentioned throughout the Hebrew Bible and other sacred literature, and its call is said to be a mitzvah — a direct commandment from God. Throughout history, the shofar has been used to announce sabbatical years and jubilee, and to mark the beginning of a new month. During war times, it was used to gather people together at the start of battles. It was also used to call the Jewish people to examine their deeds and to repent for their sins.
The most commonly used material for the shofar is the ram’s horn. Our painted ram’s horn shofars are 100% authentic, manufactured by skilled Israeli artisans at our factory in Tel Aviv. Handcrafted and hand painted, they’re made with family traditions that date back to 15th century Spain. The designs depicted on these beautifully polished shofars are powerful Jewish symbols that add to the rich meaning of these sacred instruments. Grapes and vines signify the fertility of the land, with references in rabbinic literature that date back to the 1st century. There are drawings of the holy city of Jerusalem, of the menorah and of the Star of David, the symbol of Judaism.
These stunning Israeli shofars are not only beautiful pieces that will take pride of place in a collection of Jewish art. They are also highly functional with strong, clear tones Shofars are used in synagogues to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and to mark the end of fasting at the conclusion of Yom Kippur. The shofar is also used during other special occasions such as community calls to prayer, Jewish weddings and Hanukkah celebrations. Our painted ram’s horn shofars are manufactured under the supervision of Tel Aviv rabbinate who checks every shofar we make to certify them as kosher. We guarantee that these shofars are of the highest quality you’ll find anywhere, direct from Israel!

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