Silver Plated
Ram Shofars

Mentioned throughout scripture, the shofar has a rich history in Jewish culture and religious practice. Shofars have traditionally heralded the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, and ended the day of fasting on Yom Kippur. It has been used to call people together for repentance, at special prayer services and for joyous occasions such as weddings. These 100% authentic ram’s horn shofars are manufactured by highly knowledgeable craftsmen in Tel Aviv, Israel and certified as kosher by the rabbinate. The hand-carved silver plating features Jewish symbols that add even more meaning to these decorative and highly functional cultural artifacts.
Our premium quality ram’s horn silver-plated shofars have a clear, powerful tone. In ceremonial use, there are 4 different sounds that are made on the shofar from blowing it like a trumpet, with pursed lips. The Tekiah is a long sound, lasting for approximately 7 seconds. It is used at times of praise or worship. The Shev’a’rim consists of 3 shorter shofar sounds, each for about 3 seconds. This type of sound is used for repentance. The Teruah, 9 short staccato-style blasts, can signify the start of a battle, a victory or a celebration. The Tekiah Gedolah, a single long shofar blast, is the note of the jubilee, when the Lord returns as the king.
 It is a joyous sound that is used to give thanks to God. The ram’s horn is the most commonly used animal horn for the shofar and it is favored by the Sephardi and Ashkenazi communities. A ram’s horn shofar produces a high, wailing type of sound. In the synagogue, it is considered a great honor to blow the shofar, and that person is referred to as the Tokea (meaning “blaster”) or Ba’al Tekiah (“master of the blast”). To hear the sound of the shofar is a mitzvah, which is a commandment directly from God.

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