Talitnia Prayer Shawl High Quality Wool - Direct from Israel


These premium wool Tallits are produced by Talitnia is a family owned business, established and managed by the Avner family, producing prayer shawls for five generations.

The story of the plant starts in the late 19th century in Poland, moves to Israel at the beginning of the 20th century, and follows the important events of the Jewish people and the Zionist movement in this period: the town in Poland, the immigration to Israel, the Holocaust, the Israeli War of Independence and the rebirth of the Jewish nation in our country.

Weaving, an ancient art reinvented...

The art of weaving was probably invented in Ancient Egypt, and our ancestors were familiar with it too as can be deduced from its mentioning in the bible.

For many generations the basic weaving techniques and the ancient structure of the loom remained unchanged, and the weaving was done at home or in small workshops.

High Quality Wool

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